Tanzanian Missionary Mimi Henry knows that as believers in Christ we are called to help souls feel their worth.

Tanzanian Missonary Mimi Henry poses for a picture with children from the orphanage.

That’s exactly why she started Mimi’s Kids along with a group of others who feel just the same. Tanzania, Africa, recognized as one of the poorest countries in the world is twice the size of the US state of California and has a population around 55.5 million. Roughly 3.1 million of the country’s children have been orphaned by the Aids epidemic. In addition to Aids the country is plagued by malaria, TB, Yellow Fever, cholera, typhoid and Dengue Fever. As a result the average child, who can afford it often only receives about 8 years of education. Mimi, a public school educator in Tampa, Florida seeing the need for these children to receive a quality education, rooted in the Love of Christ has made it her mission to ensure that as many children as possible receive one.

Mimi and April posing for a photo with Children from the Orphanage during a recent visit.

Several times a year, Tanzanian Missionary Mimi Henry takes groups to live, work and play with children living in an orphanage so they can see first hand the impact of Christ’s love on these children.

In addition to her trips Mimi raises funds year round to pay for the children’s education as well as other projects to assist the orphanage in their daily operations. Furthermore, the orphanage knows to contact Mimi whenever there is a need. In the past she and her team have provided nets to protect from malaria-carrying mosquitoes, as well as filtration for clean water.

Mimiskids.org serves as a hub to stay caught up on Mimi’s Tanzanian Missionary work, as well as donate, and stay abreast of all the happenings in the orphanage and any special needs that may arise throughout the year.

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